Caring for Your Child's Hair

A child's hair in it's natural state is so beautiful. I have seen little girls with naturally curly hair of all types who look absolutely adorable. Children have to depend upon you (the parent) to make the decision on what to do with their hair, since many can not care for their own hair at an early age. The absolute best thing you can do for your child is to keep her hair in it's natural state for as long as possible . Because in it's natural state, your child's hair has elasticity and will remain healthy as long as you help them care for it properly.

How to Style Your Child's Hair
  • Part or section hair into quarters to make it easier to detangle.
  • Use a moisturiser and/or detangler to make the hair easier to comb.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to help eliminate the “oochies” & "ouchies".
  • Use clips and hair bands to help keep the sections separated as you style.
  • Take your time and be gentle.

Helpful Tip: Natural hair is easier to comb while wet!!! Just be sure to use a good conditioner that will help to detangle hair as well.

Darcy's Hair Care Routine                                             

Here's the routine that I use on my baby's hair. I have found that this method helps to make her hair more manageable and easy to style. Darcy's hair texture is more of a 3a/3b texture.

  1. First I wash her hair with Crème of Nature (a good conditioning & detangling shampoo) which makes her hair easy to detangle while wet.
  2. I then use a wide tooth comb to detangle her hair while it is wet & still has the shampoo in it. I only comb in one direction (towards the back of her head) so I don't cause any more tangles.
  3. I then rinse the shampoo out of her hair and comb her hair while the water is running through it to make sure hair is completely detangled.
  4. Next I gently towel dry the excess water out of hair in more of a “blotting” sort of motion to keep the hair from having any tangles. I learned that just wildly towel drying her hair in random motions just creates more tangles.
  5. I separate the hair into sections and make small 1" to 2" size braids all over her head while it is wet. If it starts to dry out before I can finish, I spray water or a detangler on her hair to keep it moist.
  6. I then style Darcy's hair in either (1) or (2) ponytails (i.e. I treat the mini-braids like strands of hair & use them to create various styles) using some of her cute hair bows or ribbons.

This style is very easy to maintain and can last for about 1 week before it needs to be redone. Be careful not to braid or put the hair bows in too tightly! You don't want to create any unnecessary stress on the scalp. You can style your child's hair in ponytails, plaits or braids. You'd be surprised at how many various styles you too can create on your daughter's little head.

Children look wonderful with braids. Your choices for styles are only limited by your imagination. Once again, you want to make sure the braids are not too tight or too small ( microbraids). I see many children nowadays wearing braided extensions. Extensions can be damaging to a child's hair if not done properly. Take the necessary precautions to make sure they are not done too tightly or too heavily to avoid any unnecessary stress to the scalp. And make sure you do not keep them in too long. In my humble opinion, they should be removed and redone every 2 weeks (Yes, every 2 weeks). If left in too long, they can cause major hair loss. Always try to work with your child's natural hair before resorting to extensions.

Should I Relax My Child's Hair?                                     

The key to keeping a child's hair as healthy as possible is to keep it in it's natural state as long as possible. Keep in mind that some detangling spray, a wide tooth comb and a good moisturizer can help you manage your child's hair without relaxing. Unfortunately many of us have been fooled into believing that our hair has to be straightened in order to be manageable. The key is to use products and styling techniques that make the hair more manageable.

Manageable Hair = Hair that is easier to comb & style

Find ways to make your little angel's hair easier to maintain. Remember that straighter hair is not the only means of manageability. Natural hair can also be manageable with the proper styling techniques and products. If you do decide to relax your child's hair, please have it done by a professional salon stylist. Especially, if it's their first relaxer. Relaxers can also provide different styling options and your child's hair can still be kept in tip-top shape with proper conditioning and care.

Which Styles Are appropriate for My Child's Age?

Here's a chart I created to display the appropriate age to use various styles. After seeing so many children with various styles, (some appropriate & some not so appropriate for their age in my humble opinion) it got me to thinking about the various styling options we use on our children's hair. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting that you follow this like a bible. I know that as a parent the choice of styles that you decide to use for your child is strictly up to you. However, I could not resist the idea of creating my own chart on age appropriate styles based on my own personal experience and observations as a parent. Again, the ultimate decision is your's and your's alone. But here is the naturalblackhaircare age chart for various styling options.

Age Appropriate Hair Styles for Children
Age Group Natural Relaxers Braided Extensions Flat Ironing
Birth - 5 yrs Way to go Mom!


(Shame on You)


(Shame on You Again)


Too young for heat styling.

6 yrs - 11 yrs Still the way to go mom. No... not yet mommy. So not necessary. YES (w/adult supervision)
12 yrs - 15 yrs YES YES YES YES
16 yrs & Over YES YES YES YES
  • Birth to 5yrs - Try to keep your child's hair in it's natural state. This age group is a bit too young for chemicals and heat. As for extensions, it can be too heavy on the child's head causing tension and unnecessary breakage.

  • 6yrs to 11yrs - Natural is still the best way to go because natural at this age is pretty much healthy. Stay away from the chemicals as long as possible. Extensions for this age group is not really needed because by now your precious pea has enough hair to braid without adding extensions.

  • 12yrs to 15 yrs - Relaxers & braided extensions are OK, but We highly recommend using a professional salon stylist. Children is this age group are better able to take care of their hair themselves. This would definitely qualify them to make the decision as to how they would like to wear their hair:)

  • 16yrs & Over - Need I say More? (YES,YES,YES, & YES)

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